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Permanent & Short-Term Employment

We specialise in the recruitment of quality staff for all sectors of commerce and industry, from general workers to general managers.  We ensure that each candidate is screened, interviewed and reference checked, which enables us to assess their future employment aspirations, salary package and individual needs.

General HR Services

& Functions

  • Disciplinary enquiries & actions
  • Recruitment Selection / Screen candidates
  • Reference checks / Verification
  • Labour Relations
  • Dismissals & Grievances
  • Skills development



Outsource your business payroll to us.  We offer an efficient service which will take the hassle out of your weekly or monthly payroll.  We have specialised packages to suit small to medium sized enterprises.

Skills Development Facilitating

We have qualified, certified and registered skills development facilitators who are able to assist with all related requirements, including the completion of your annual WSP and ATR.



We have registered biometric officers who do comprehensive reference, qualification, credit and criminal checks.  All criminal checks are done by using fingerprint detail.



Various psychometric tests administered by registered psychometrists.

  • We provide readily available artisans, semi-skilled, production, admin/office and staff of various other fields of expertise
  • All quotations are customised according to specific client requirements
  • We are registered with Workmans Compensation, Bargaining Councils and Employers Organisation
  • PPE, Medicals, Assessments and Verification will be arranged on request
  • Administration of weekly and monthly payroll
  • Managing of employee contracts
  • Attending to all HR, disciplinary issues and I.O.D’s





Payroll Services (Outsourcing)



  • Generating monthly/weekly/bi-monthly customised payslips
  • EMP 201 submissions
  • UI 19 returns
  • Bi-annual EMP 501 reconciliations and EasyFile submissions
  • IRP 5 and IT3 Certificates
  • Annual Workmans Compensation Return of Earnings
  • PAYE registrations and de-registrations
  • UIF registrations and de-registrations
  • Workmans Compensation registrations and de-registrations

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