What checks are being done on your CV and what are they finding?


  1. A firm handshake and good eye contact are important.
  2. Always arrive at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled time.
  3. Make sure you know the name of the person/people who are going to interview you and the title of the position you are being interviewed for.
  4. Please be dressed appropriately.
  5. Please do some research on the company concerned and have a few questions ready (please do not discuss remuneration / benefits / working hours).
  6. Please take along a copy of your CV just in case you need to refer to it.
  7. Always thank the person/people for their time and for the interview.

Securing a suitable career path is undeniably one of the most difficult decisions one must make in life – especially in the South African environment where opportunities are hard to come by.


With the reality of background screening steadily becoming a compulsory practice within the hiring process – what does this mean for candidates?


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How the recruitment industry has changed due to Covid-19

I would prefer not to focus on the negative. The hardships we faced, forced us to step out of our comfort zone and to be proactive and innovative.  This has lead to video interviews via zoom or teams replacing face to face meetings and documents being sent in electronic format as opposed to hard copies.


Recruitment is such a competitive industry…


Not being able to connect personally and to network did not stop us. Ideas were exchanged, our concerns were expressed and solutions were established all from attending informative webinar or zoom sessions. Through this we learnt that collaborating, the sharing of ideas and even assisting each other with the work that we already had, was a good thing. Even in our private lives, many of us have connected more with family via WhatsApp video calls than ever before.


Recruiters are not known to easily associate with each other as Recruitment is such a competitive industry, however during this difficult time, recruiters broke down these barriers and started working together on various social media platforms.  We are fortunate enough to endorse an excellent recruitment management provider who kept the motivation levels and interactions between recruiters high and imparted in invaluable information.  The playing fields were leveled, as we were all in the same situation.  I gained a lot of insight from listening to their online sessions.


What additional services we could offer to our clients and candidates…


Our consultants were able to work remotely during the lockdown period and maintain contact with our clients and candidates.  We ensured that we maintained a presence both on social media and directly with our clients.


Now was also the perfect time to take a look at what additional services we could offer to our clients and candidates, to help in any way possible.  We assisted numerous clients with their TERS UIF submissions and are still doing so, we also included the provision of PPE into our Employee Wellness Banner by the sale of Branded Masks and other essential items necessary to comply with the COVID 19 regulations.


To assist our candidate’s we offer a Professional CV typing service.  Candidates could then prepare themselves for their return to the job market with a professional CV that will assist in finding a job.  Retrenchment has unfortunately been a devastating result of the decline of the economy and many people found themselves in the situation where after many years of working for a company, they needed to find alternative employment.


Staff Solutions was in the fortunate positions of being afforded the opportunity to assist a large automotive company with their Experiential Training Programme.  Although the lockdown put a spanner in the works, we were able to resume immediately after the relaxing of the lockdown.


Our clients have been absolutely wonderful and for that we will be eternally grateful.  We are exceptionally blessed by the amount of vacancies that have come our way, and are hard at work, sourcing suitable candidates to fill these vacancies.


Our services include Permanent and Temporary Recruitment, Verifications (background screening), Payroll Outsourcing, General HR functions, Employee Wellness (Occupational Health and Counselling).


Should you have a vacancy to fill, you are most welcome to contact me on 041 585 1464 for a chat.  We encourage work seekers to register on our database www.staffsols.co.za.


We are living in tough times, but look for that silver lining. Be innovate, be proactive and keep abreast with technology.


Article written by Michelle Tuck, Managing Member at Staff Solutions



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